This package is for 6 hours straight designer time. Want to go shopping for yourself for something for your home and don't know what to get? This is for you. It's like renting a good friend to help you make good decisions for your home.

Do you need help or advice from a designer on a furniture arrangement, a future project you're considering, you'd like to get a plan in place or want to add prepaid time to an existing package? This package is also for you.

Please note that there is no deliverable provided here except for the advice and help you get while we're working together in person. Whatever notes we take during our meeting, suggestions and ideas will be recorded and sent to you electronically at the conclusion of the meeting. If you are needing anything else from your designer, you can purchase additional Designer Time hourly blocks, they come in 2, 6 or 10 hour time packages.

*Please Note: If you've purchased a different package like the Furnish My Space you can either add additional time needed here or be billed hourly, whichever is more economical.*

This is NOT a pre-project Initial Consultation that we will be helping you with, this is more of a "pick our brains and get really good advice, then take care of it yourself" type consultation.