Windows need love too! Don't forget your windows, they're an opportunity to add an extra layer of style and texture to your home, provide insulation from the elements and much needed privacy from the outside world. They help cozy up a space and tie together finishes and colors in the home so everything works together. There are stylish ways to enhance your windows, making them look larger or more stately, enhancing a stunning view outside and drawing attention to the beautiful architectural features of your home.

With the DIYI Window Coverings package, we meet with you and determine a look for your new space. Your designers will pick out and coordinate all finishes and materials needed for your windows and when we're finished, you'll have everything you need to get the job done.

Here is what you can expect from the DIYI Window Coverings package.

  • Selection of different types of window coverings for your home. Specifications include materials needed, colors, size, hardware placement, location, style, finish and more

If it's shutters, blinds or working shades you need, we can either select the generic items for you to order through your own vendor of your choosing or we can recommend some excellent contractors we work with who will do a great job for you that you can order through. Those vendors will also complete the installation process for you.

When it comes to drapery and faux Roman Shades, we will source the style and look for your home and once approved, provide you with samples of the fabric to view in your home. After the invoice for the window coverings and all applicable, necessary hardware is paid in full by you, we will oversee the ordering and delivery of materials to your home for you to have a contractor install according to our outlined specifications we will provide you with.

Please keep in mind that since this is DIY Installation, you will have the plan from us and it is up to you to ensure everything is implemented exactly as specified to get the vision for the windows installed correctly. There is no project management offered from the designers at all on any of the DIYI packages. Designers will order items on list once payment is received and arrange delivery to your residence the items specified in the package.

We care about your budget and staying within it. We will always try to procure the best pricing or a discount on the items you need for your home and are more than happy to share any discount 20% or higher off of retail with you, split 50/50. For example, if an item is $10 and we get a 20% discount, your price would be $9, you saved 10% and paid below retail pricing, and we made 10%, which helps to keep our business pricing low.

Your designer will allot approximately 3 1/2 hours of design time to your DIYI Window Coverings Package and 1/2 hour for revisions, if needed. After first revision, additional revisions are paid for at the designer's hourly rate of $175.

Before starting Window Coverings services, you must purchase an Interior Design Initial Consultation package.